PlayStation Vita Unboxing, Teardown, and Reassembly

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You can now easy repair your cracked or heavy scratched PS Vita console with an Original OLED lcd screen assembly, broken joystick, weak battery, camera or t…

Lastest Psp-3000 Vs Psp-3000 News

最近索尼宣布PSP将在7月份停产,PSP可以说是掌机历史上的常青树,超大屏幕、出色的游戏画面以及强大的媒体娱乐功能成为很多玩家的理想选择。如今PSP已经不太好买,不过索尼PSP-3000(PSP-3006) 钢琴黑目前在中关村新亚 …
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PSP3000是PSP第2次的改版,规格尺寸与现有PSP-2000大致相同,主要变更点为采用具备广色域、高对比与防反光处理的新液晶萤幕,并于PSP标志旁内建麦克风。 被SONY定位为“21世纪的WALKMAN”的PSP是一款随时随地都可以享受 …
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Lastest PSP-1000 Vs Psp-2000 News

… 版本我手上的很多游戏都无法读取,只是对三国战记兼容好些,由于是做的所有游戏整合,故此放弃用12.5.2版本,选用12.4.0版,PSP1000我没测试是否基本能运行,我用的PSP2000测试的3000和GO都能运行,至于1000请自己 …
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实事求是的说,作为一个在小城市农村长大的孩子,第一次见到PSP还是在2006年年底——当时PSP 1000已经发布了两年。但第一次见到 … 而当时更轻更薄更酷的PSP 2000已经发布两个多月了,特意找了熟人,以超级优惠的价 …
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Steam Summer Sale Day One and More Deals

Steam Summer Sale Day One and More Deals
You should – right at the end of the PSP's life and at the beginning of the Vita's, Brighton-based studio Futurlab came up with a compact but complex arcade space-shooter that was both nostalgic in its aesthetic and inspirations and playfully modern in …
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The Order 1886: PS4's Rise or PS4's RYSE?
R@D did a nice job with the GOW series on the PSP. Crytek on the other hand has never made a … Not the same thing at all. Those are two survival horror games. This is a shooter. Why do we need Gears Of War 1 style gameplay in 2015? That's far from …
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Sony: "Never Say Never" to PS4 + PS Vita Bundle

Sony: "Never Say Never" to PS4 + PS Vita Bundle
Sony has not ruled out the possibility of a PlayStation 4 + PlayStation Vita bundle. Speaking with Polygon, PlayStation head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said, "Never say never." "In the past, we did something like Bravia TV and PS3 bundle, so …
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PS Vita will miss out on FTL: Faster Than Light
A PlayStation Vita port of FTL: Faster Than Light will not be released due to the limited display real estate offered by Sony's handheld device, developer Subset Games' Justin Ma revealed on Twitter. "Hey. We looked into it extensively and in the end …
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PSP 3000 Specs Released(Here They Are)

Lastest Psp-2000 Vs Psp-3000 News

(L)ME Firmware 6.20-2, 6.39-10, 6.60-2: Includes Inferno ISO Driver
Included in this download are updated ME and LME custom firmwares for 6.20, 6.39, and 6.60. LME is to be used on PSP-3000 and GO, while PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 have the benefit of regular ME. 6.20 is generally recommended for newer systems …
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Sony PSP finally retiring
The original handheld was replaced in late 2007 by a slimmer and lighter version, known as the PSP-2000 "Slim & Lite", and the subsequently by the PSP-3000. That third iteration added a microphone as well as changing the display technology. Sony even …
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PlayStation Portable – Sony stoppt Auslieferung in Japan, Europa folgt

PlayStation Portable – Sony stoppt Auslieferung in Japan, Europa folgt
Es handelte sich dabei um das Modell PSP-1000. Eine Besonderheit waren die für diese Zeit ungewöhnlichen UMD-Datenträger … Ein weiteres Modell – die PSP 3000 – war ab dem 15. Oktober 2008 erhältlich. Dieses bot unter anderem ein verbessertes …
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… 玩家所铭记,有着特别感情的游戏机,让我们来回顾一下这十年里每一年发生的故事。 2004年. 历经了一年多的宣传造势,2004年12月12日,索尼在日本首发初代PlayStation Portable,后来被称为PSP-1000的初代掌机,而这 …
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Грустный юбилей PSP
… PSP Slim & Lite (или PSP-2000). Она была на 33% легче и на 19% тоньше предшественницы, PSP-1000. … В 2008 году произошло еще одно обновление, третья версия называлась, соответственно, PSP-3000. Внешне она почти не отличалась …
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MLB The Show 14 Review, Gameplay, & Rosters on PS4: Danny McBride

MLB The Show 14 Review, Gameplay, & Rosters on PS4: Danny McBride
One lucky fan, Bobby Fowler, won an epic prize pack consisting of a PS4 system with customized Baseball engravings, a copy of MLB 14: The Show itself and an official PS4 video game headset among other goodies. "Congrats to Bobby Fowler for winning the …
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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging games I've ever had to review. At first glance it's a bright but shallow idol simulation game. Hidden beneath the glitz … The plot is a pitch-perfect …
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PlayStation Vita Official Full Review

This is FeverOnceAgain’s Full Official Review of the PS Vita and whether I think that The PS Vita is Worth it or not and If you Should Buy The PlayStation Vi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Though thinner and lighter, does the new PS Vita actually make improvements over the original?