Classic Game Room HD reviews TENCHU SHADOW ASSASSINS for the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) handheld game system. This Classic Game Room reviews of Tenchu S…
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PSP Slim Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Mat Bronze) Unboxing

PSP Slim Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Mat Bronze) Unboxing

Buy it Here: PSP Slim & Lite Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is a Limited Edition of th…

Google? What’s That?

Sony press conference unveils a few surprises

Sony press conference unveils a few surprises
“Let me be clear,” he stated, “it won't replace the PSP 3000 or the UMD.” The PSP Go is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the original PSP 1000, has 16 gigs of internal flash memory, with built in WiFi, will introduce some new features and comes with …
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PSPgo to Hit the Worldwide Market This Fall
With both the existing PSP-3000 and new PSPgo, the company will further enhance the ultimate gaming and entertainment experiences on the go while providing consumers with the opportunity to choose the PSP system that's right for them. … In addition …
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Sony PSP Go Price Drops to 9
If you fit into the latter group, you're better off sticking with your original, albeit chunkier, PSP-1000, or buying the slightly smaller PSP-3000 ($ 169.99) if you want to get in on multiplayer games. The price drop could help Sony get ahead of rival …
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PSPgo Review: PSP Goes Nowhere You Haven't Been
Four years ago I got married to the most wonderful woman in the world. The evening before the wedding she knocked on my hotel room door and handed me a surprise wrapped package. It was the original PSP. Believe it or not, the PSP was a meaningful gift …

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PlayStation 4 Review
The controller, camera, and Vita each offer intriguing features that still haven't been fully utilized by games or apps. Certain … That's where this re-review comes in. … At the back, Sony has done away with non-digital ports, offering only HDMI …

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review
… → November 21, 2014 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham hews close to the series' formula, pairing uncomplicated gameplay with a deep, charming dive into decades' worth of DC Comics stories and history. But after the impressive freedom of Lego Batman …
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Freedom Wars Review
November 5, 2014 Freedom Wars certainly isn't the only Monster Hunter clone available on Vita, but it's perhaps its most successful one. The staying power of its addictive fight-loot-upgrade cycle is enhanced by deep gameplay and customization options, …
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Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd Review
More than one year since Miku's debut title came to North America, Project Diva F 2nd sees the vocaloid starlet return to fame with a new selection of tracks and costumes to keep any rhythm fan happy. Whether you own a Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita …
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'Minecraft' holiday DLC now available for free on PS4, PS Vita

'Minecraft' holiday DLC now available for free on PS4, PS Vita
During the first week of November, the DLC already became available on the Playstation 3 but 4J Studios specified that they needed more time to prepare the content for the PS4 and PS Vita. The release of the Halloween themed add-on was known to be …

Welcome. AckkStudios Announces Y2K for PS4 and PS Vita – IGN
By Michael MartinTurn-based JRPG Y2K is coming to PS4 and PS Vita, developer AckkStudios announced yesterday. Y2K, previously known as Project Y2K, puts players in control of an unemployed college graduate as he investigates the death of a woman …
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Demonstração do PSP 3000 – PC e Consoles Complemento:
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PlayStation Vita Review

Check out GamersGate: Subscribe to my Music Channel: AVerMedia Website: ht…

PS Vita Black Screen Solution

How to fix the black screen issue on the PlayStation Vita. I specifically got this when I removed the memory card while the Vita was on. I don’t understand w…

my analog is malfunctioning in uncharted golden abyss, i just bought my vita july 22 2012, i hope they will replace this, not repair it i dont like repairs.
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2007年9月20日,轻量化、薄型化的“PSP-2000”(PSP Slim/薄型PSP)于日本上市。新型号的主要优点包括:比原来的型号轻33%,亮33%,薄19%;更快的游戏加载;视频信号输出端子;存储器升至64MB;更多的机身颜色。索尼宣布现有的 …
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沈阳微软xbox 360S 500G套装仅售2250
微软新款XBOX360的体感游戏功能,让您不仅可以享有经典大作游戏的高清盛宴,还能够亲身体验运动健身的身体操作感,让您从此不再一直呆坐在沙发上。完全可以做到健康游戏,享受畅爽动感体验,在游戏之时也能够起到锻炼 …
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Generation: Gamerz Ooooh Look! Shiny!!
Current Projects: Sonic Rivals (PSP), Death Jr sequels (DS & PSP). Pipeworks – An … So by adding Shiny, to what looks to be an already diverse powerhouse, they add brand recognition and a highly experienced game development group with a diverse …
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Sony's PlayStation TV Set Top Box Now Available
More than 150 games are coming to the service. For a complete list of games that are compatible with the set-top-box, head here. The list includes PlayStation Vita games, Vita demos and trials, PSP games, PlayStation One classics, PlayStation Minis …
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Zatkoff ready for heavy workload
… on Sunday at 4:05pm against the Manchester Monarchs) and replacing the normal ads with PSP Strong logos and Pennsylvania State Police graphics lining the boards around the ice. Brand Graphic Solutions of Plymouth will be donating the new graphics.
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