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PlayStation Vita Slim Review

The PlayStation Vita Slim features many improvements over the original model, but the new display is disappointing. Visit all of our channels: Features & Rev…
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PSP 1000 vs PSP 3000 (comparativa tiempos de carga)

Comparativa realizada con el juego Socom US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2 en UMD en una consola PSP 1004 y en otra PSP 3004. Se aprecia una mejora en la veloci…
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Comparing the first three PSP (UMD) models against each other, the PSP 1000, 2000, and 3000. Which one is the BEST Playstation Portable system? “PSP model co…
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Details and Photos of new Sony PSP PSP-2000

Details and Photos of new Sony PSP PSP-2000
Details and Photos of new Sony PSP PSP-2000. As reported yesterday Sony introduced a new PSP console at the E3 2007. The new PSP has the model number PSP-2000 and does not have a new name. When Nintendo introduced the DS follow-up console …
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Sony retires the decade-old PSP in Japan to make way for the Vita
It had a good run, but Sony has decided to bring the curtain down on the PlayStation Portable. The company has announced that June's shipment of the hardware will be the last in Japan, and local users looking to upgrade to the PS Vita can earn a $ 30 or …
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外观方面,索尼psp3000尺寸为169.4×18.6×71.4mm,重量为189g,它的主机有多种靓丽颜色可选,神秘银、珍珠白、晃眼蓝和闪耀红,主机边缘不同于PSP-2000的生硬过度,变成弧线型,有一定的圆滑度,有些类似传统手柄的边缘握把 …
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FTC: Sony told big fat WHOPPERS in its PlayStation Vita ads – and now it has

FTC: Sony told big fat WHOPPERS in its PlayStation Vita ads – and now it has
Sony will dish out cash and vouchers to PlayStation Vita gamers following allegations its ads for the handheld console were lies. Commissioners at US trade watchdog the FTC voted five to none to approve the refunds after it was claimed the toy's ad …
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Eerst word je auto gestolen in Grand Theft Auto V en dan dit ook nog
Vele van ons zullen ongetwijeld nog regelmatig Grand Theft Auto V spelen op de PlayStation 3 dan wel PlayStation 4. Uiteraard kunnen we ook online spelen in Grand Theft Auto Online en dit deed de speler in het onderstaande filmpje ook. Hij stal eerst …
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Playstation 4 Slim Release Date: Still Uncertain, PS4 to Follow Fat To Slim
The first PSP was also thicker and bigger, mirroring the first PS2. It was aptly dubbed by owners as the “PSP Fat.” Again, Sony released a thinner version of the big PSP which was dubbed the PSP Slim. The same thing happened with the PS3, a slim …
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NEW PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 Bundle Unboxing

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How to Repair a Sony PSP 3000 – How to open up the PSP 3000 to repair various components such as the LCD.
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Frein was online during manhunt

Frein was online during manhunt
Back on September 16th, the State Police executed a search warrant at the defendant's residence in Canadensis where a computer had been seized and examined by the PSP Computer Crimes Lab. Among information found were Internet searches for "can …
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2 months after ambush, PSP Blooming Grove barracks reopens
A state police barracks in Pike County reopened for business Wednesday, exactly two months after an ambush left one trooper dead and another wounded. The Blooming Grove barracks was shut down after officials said Eric Frein opened fire there. The lock …
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State AG files 2 criminal charges against former Fayette County district judge
Retired Fayette County District Judge Dwight K. Shaner, 71, of Dunbar was charged on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, by Attorney General Kathleen Kane's office with perjury and obstructing administration of law.
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PSP 1000 vs PSP 2000 vs PSP 3000 Speed Comparison

PSP 1000 Bottom PSP 2000 Middle PSP 3000 Top.

Classic Game Room HD – Sony PSP review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the Sony PSP model PSP-3001, released in 2008. This PSP is the unit that CGR uses for all of the PSP reviews because it has an a…
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