Games Inbox: PlayStation Mobile, Metal Gear controls, and Shantae And The

Games Inbox: PlayStation Mobile, Metal Gear controls, and Shantae And The
I know digital downloads and consumer rights don't exactly seem to go hand in hand as we've seen recently with people being hacked, but in that instance surely a refund would be due? You've paid for a product which you would then be unable to … I …
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Videogame Ratings Board Takes Big Step Toward Mobile
The Entertainment Software Rating Board, working with its parent organization, the International Age Rating Coalition, will start offering ratings on Google Android-based games and other digital platforms. If there's one critical piece of advice for …
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The PSP Has Put On a Little Weight

The PSP Has Put On a Little Weight
… review of the PSP's swansong over at Eurogamer, it's not exactly built to the same standards as previous models of the handheld. Eurogamer say it looks and feels a little cheap, but most surprising of all is that the E-1000 is as big as the …
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Lastest Psp-2000 Vs Psp-3000 News

Christmas Holiday Gifts 2014: Top 10 Best Game Console Deals to Get This Year!
… a standard television and need an external microphone for better gaming experience. The PSP 3000 is considered the "sleeker, visually crisper" version of last year's model, PSP 2000, according to PC Advisor. Although it's an updated version of PSP …
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Cambiar Pantalla PSP Fat 1000

Ábreme por favor! Me tienen atrapado! D: ↓↓↓ TWITTER: FACEBOOK: PREGÚNTAME:…
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Classic Game Room – PHANTASY STAR PORTABLE 2 for PSP review

Classic Game Room - PHANTASY STAR PORTABLE 2 for PSP review

Classic Game Room reviews PHANTASY STAR PORTABLE 2 for Sony PSP from Sega. Taking place 3 years after the events in Phantasy Star Universe you play as a grou…

Lastest PS Vita Troubleshooting News

Desert Ashes Review – Shareware Made With Care (Vita)
Desert Ashes isn't exactly a newcomer to the gaming world. Having first gotten its feet wet in the PC marketplace, it has made the transition to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV in that dubious “free-to-play” format that makes some gamers …
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PlayStation Store Weekly Sale Is Full Of LEGO And Indies
The PlayStation Store is kicking off their Spring Fever sale this week, offering a discount for PS Plus members on a brand new indie game release over the next eight weeks. In addition, they will …. If you are a moderator please see our …
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Lastest PSP-3000 Specs News

Collector's Cabinet: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Big Boss Pack PSP
For the curious, both bundles include a PSP-3000, which was the last version to include a UMD drive. Camo looks a little silly on a gaming handheld, but the paintjob is solid nonetheless. Despite many rigorous play sessions the print has yet to wear …
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Library of Congress finds unreleased 'Duke Nukem' code lurking in its catalog
When a video game studio cancels a project, the code tends to stay with the developers or else disappear into the void. Either way, you're unlikely to ever see it. However, the Library of Congress' David Gibson has unearthed a rare gem. While sifting …
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Обзор Sony PSP Slim 3000

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Sony Drops PSP-3000 Price Tag

Sony Drops PSP-3000 Price Tag
Today at Sony's Japanese, the company announced a price drop for its PSP-3000 — the PlayStation Portable will now cost ¥16,800 (US$ 185) in The Land of the Rising Sun, starting October 1. Keep in mind, in the US, the PSP-3000 is $ 169 in the US, while …

A4G Accidently Advertised Sony PSP-4000?
However, towards the bottom of the page, the advert claims that the displayed items are for the PSP-N1000 (PSPgo), PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, and the PSP-4000. News of the fresh advert was on fire over the weekend, and rightfully so: Sony fanboys …
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